Halloween Makeup Tutorials - Behind the Scenes

Halloween Makeup Tutorials - Behind the Scenes

The Joanie gals spent the day with the Vintage Beauty Parlour and Blogger What Emma Did filming Halloween makeup tutorials! If you’re looking for Halloween makeup inspiration, we have it covered with our easy-to-do looks that won’t break the bank. Here’s a little Halloween makeup tutorials- behind the scenes from our day of filming...


We were so excited to get started on our three Halloween makeup tutorials. The Vintage Beauty Parlour was such a pretty vision in pink with vintage inspired mirrors, hairdryers and so many dreamy vintage things to catch our eye.


Our first look echoes the original bad-ass chick Wanda Woodward from the 90s John Waters Classic movie ‘Cry Baby’ starring Johnny Depp. Complete with ‘Beat it Creep’ slogan top and neck tie, this rockabilly style look is the perfect way to ‘do’ Halloween with minimal effort and maximum impact. halloween tutorial


The ‘Beat it creep’ top is perfect for adding sass to your wardrobe all year round. Shop the 'Beat it creep' Yorke slogan top HERE!


Like true teenage goths we had a lot of fun cracking out the black lipstick and space buns to create a 90s witch inspired look. Our teenage witch look screams Neve Campbell as Bonnie, channeling our favourite 90s scary movie ‘The Craft’. Our ‘Neve’ tee is available with the slogan ‘we are the weirdos’ which you may agree is perfect for fright night and beyond…


Last but not least we filmed our ‘Vampire’ makeup tutorial with swept back hair, ombre lip and red glitter smokey eye. Worn with our new ‘le freak c’est chic’ Nile sweatshirt this look nails Halloween but doesn’t try too hard. Keep your eyes peeled for our video tutorials over on YouTube.


Emma looked stunning in all the looks we created if you haven't read her blog before be sure to check it out at What Emma Did. Anyone else getting excited for Halloween already?

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Joanie x

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