A Joanie Gal Guide To Brussels

A Joanie Gal Guide To Brussels

Here at Joanie HQ, we love any excuse for a holiday, and the coming of autumn is the perfect time for a city break! The temperature is cool enough to explore all day, plus the leaves are beginning to crisp and fall, making the perfect backdrop for any dreamy photo album! Come rain or shine, film camera in hand and basket bag on arm, we’re the first to sign up for a voyage to foreign lands!

Today, we come to you with a city guide of the perfect autumn getaway, Brussels. The picturesque capital of Belgium, is just a short flight away from the UK and is even reachable from London St Pancras via Eurostar, with heaps of charming treasures to explore. Did we also mention that Brussels is also the chocolate capital of the world?!

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No trip to Brussels is complete without being totally awe-struck by the magnificence of the Grand Place. The opulent buildings are gilded with gold, and divine sculptures are carved into the faces of them. It’s a fabulous photo op, and the edges of the square are bursting with cafes/bars where you can sit and admire the view with a beverage in hand.

Every two years a magnificent flower carpet covers the floor space of the Grand Place, which is made up of thousands of strikingly colourful begonias. The carpet is due to return between the 16th and 19th August next year, so bear in mind if you’re planning a trip for next summer!

Like you Joanie gal, Joanie HQ’s favourite part of travelling, is sampling some of the local cuisine and visiting the city’s quaint independent (and frankly instagrammable) cafes.

If a hearty brunch with a quirk is what you’re after, make sure to check out Peck 47 on Rue du Marché aux Poulets. This café is just a stone’s throw away from the Grand Place, and serves up a whole host of food, hot drinks and alcoholic beverages, including an all-day brunch *yes please*. Take it from us, the classic eggs benedict is delicious!

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No city break is complete without a spot of retail therapy, and Joanie gals love nothing better than scouring all the vintage boutiques and antique shops a new city has to offer. Luck for you all, Brussels is full of dazzling little independent stores and second-hand emporiums!

Every first Sunday of the month, Halles St-Géry, an enchanting 19th century indoor market located in the trendy Dansaert area of the city, transforms into the vibrant Brussels Vintage Market. Close by to Halles St-Géry, Foxhole Vintage is another great store to pick up unique vintage accessories and clothing for a decent price.

After a hard day of hitting the shops, you need nothing more than an ice-cold beverage, occasionally one of the alcoholic kind.

Delirium café is a world-renowned bar, which plays host to more than 2000 different beers (a world record!), from a standard IPA to a chocolate cookie beer! The bar is spread across three floors, each one adorned with neon lights and retro signage, with beer trays plastered all across the walls.

It also has its own cute little photo booth where you can capture some black/white memories on a Delirium Café photo-strip to take home with you – perfect for if you’re scrapbooking!

The Perfect Weekend Away Outfit:

No weekend away is complete without the perfect outfit to rock in the host of pictures that you’ll undoubtedly be taking. Our new arrivals Connie and Clemmie are the perfect partners to explore with this season, they make a great team! Go from day to night with ease in Virginie - she's ever so versatile!

[caption id="attachment_100969" align="aligncenter" width="840"]NEW IN! Connie and Clemmie NEW IN! Connie and Clemmie[/caption] [caption id="attachment_100968" align="aligncenter" width="840"]Virginie Virginie[/caption]

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