A Cup of Tea with Joanie and... a Music Photographer

A Cup of Tea with Joanie and... a Music Photographer

Describe your current job...

I'm a music photographer, so a typical day ranges from heading out to a funky location for a press shoot with a musician, to heading over to a venue for a gig, or waking up at a festival in an overly warm tent, or in one of the many wonderful Travelodge's the U.K. has to offer.

What's your typical breakfast?

I usually go for a cup of tea in the morning and then for a late lunch wherever the nearest independent café is (they always do the best cakes!)

What are you responsible for?

I'm responsible for making sure the musician or brand has interesting and eye catching photos that capture their personality asap from gigs and frequent group photos / social media content that gets fans excited about what they're about to hear and see.

I also document the rise and journey of the musicians. It's a really fun job to have because whilst capturing the fun you're also experiencing it.

What's your most memorable work moment?

My most memorable work moment, hmm, it's hard to pin down just one because you make so many great friends in this line of work that even the smallest gig can mean a lot. I've just come off tour with Mystery Jets who were supporting The Maccabees on their farewell tour, it's been pretty incredible watching the emotion of not only the fans but the bands every night, who have grown together and it felt really special to be a little part of that.

What do you enjoy after work?

After work, I enjoy a long trek back on the night bus because I live just outside London. I love catching up with my friends in a group chat called the OT (Original Tribe) which has some of my closest friends in, some incredible photographers and a band called The Amazons. All of which I met through being a photographer. We all share photos of what we've been up to and support each other.

What's your typical Friday night go-to drink?

It will ALWAYS be spiced Captain Morgan and coke.

What can you not leave the house without?

I cannot leave the house without my 35mm camera and could not live without my dr martens.

You receive a plane ticket titled 'anywhere', where do you go?

I'd love to go to America for the first time, a couple of my besties are always taking trips to L.A. and their holiday photos are insane.

What would your spirit animal be?

A fox, of course! Always out at night.

What's your favourite book?

Clothes Music Boys by Viv Albertine, because I find it so interesting to imagine what it was like as a women in the 70's during the punk movement and I'm proper nosey so all the little details are great.

What advice would you give your 16-year-old self?

It would be to have the confidence to start a conversation with a stranger and not to be afraid of awkwardness.

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