A Cup of Tea with Joanie and... The Mac Twins.

A Cup of Tea with Joanie and... The Mac Twins.

Joanie Gals, meet The Mac Twins (DJs and Presenters who also own a Gut Health Business!)

Explain a typical day in the life of you...

 Most days are around 18 hours at the minute as we've got so much going on... Alana usually gets up around 6 am to do a morning hot yoga class, conversely Lisa HATES mornings so drags herself out of bed at 8am. We then head into our Gut Stuff offices in Camden to make sure everyone's briefed and prepped for the day, catch up on work and attend any meetings we have. Then around 1pm the day switches into "Mac Twins" mode and we're usually in rehearsal for Love Island or filming, then we'll head home to work through the sets for the evening and grab something to eat. Then we're usually gigging, so stage times are at around midnight, then we're in bed by 3am ready to start all over again the next day.

Last week for example in the space of a few days we DJ'd at the Grand Prix, went straight to Latitude for filming, then live radio on site the following morning for Virgin then a mad dash to ITV to record 'Love Island After Sun'.

We are responsible for...

 Juggling all the balls and different elements of our job and doing everything we can to excel in each area!

Our most memorable work moment is...

 Probably playing Wembley - you just can't comprehend that many people, the buzz is indescribable!

After work we enjoy...

 Alana enjoys trotting around with her dog to relax and Lisa enjoys knitting and craft things - but generally we don't get much down time.

What's your typical Friday night go-to drink?

Hmmm we both love a good glass of red or a dirty martini. If we're in New York we have Gibsons which is basically a dirty martini with a pickled onion instead of an olive - savoury delight!

What can you not leave the house without?

Our diaries, we still have written ones and we feel lost without them!

In your wardrobe, what item can you not live without?

Alana lives in her black skinny jeans and Lisa is never out of a pair of dungarees, she has so many pairs!

You're given a plane ticket titled 'anywhere!'... where do you go?

New York, we adore it there!

What would your spirit animal be?

We're both Harry Potter addicts and you can definitely tell your spirit animal through your patronus - Alana's is a Borzoi and Lisa's is a St Bernard. Not sure what they says about us!

What's your favourite book?

Alana's is The Secret its changed the way she lives and she'll talk to anyone who'll listen to her about it. Lisa's is The Pursuit of Love, she loves everything Nancy Mitford writes, they're sparklingly hilarious!

If you could give your 16 year old self any advice, what would it be?

Your dreams aren't too big and silly like everyone says they are, keep thinking them and they'll come to life. Promise. Oh and enjoy not having hangovers and rent payments whilst it lasts! 






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