Breast-feeding Friendly Styles for Spring

Breast-feeding Friendly Styles for Spring

Hi Joanie Gals! I’m Laura, a new mum to my 2-month-old daughter, Juno. I have worked in the Fashion Industry for 15 years and am currently enjoying a maternity break.

Since I have been breastfeeding my daughter, my clothing choices have been slightly more practical, but it was important for me to retain a sense of my usual style. I hope I can share with you what I have learned so far when it comes to breastfeeding friendly clothes and recommend some of my favourite Joanie pieces.

Firstly, I would say don’t get bogged down in the world of nursing-specific clothing. The extraneous clips, flaps, holes, layers and voluminous ponchos – these weren’t really for me.  I had bought some nursing tops when pregnant and dutifully packed them in my hospital bag having perceived them as essential.  I soon found them to be fussy and fiddly (hello clips, flaps and holes!) and they’ve since been retired.

My advice would be to invest in some good nursing bras and then look for clothing you will still be happy to wear when boob accessibility is not your top priority – simply, breastfeeding ‘friendly’ clothes. This approach makes me feel confident and more like myself. This season there’s lots to pick from in the Joanie range, so here are my top choices of breastfeeding friendly clothes from the spring range;


Wrap Styles


The Lotta dress is a real hero piece for me; stretchy and soft fabric, quick and discreet accessibility and a really flattering fit. Wrap dresses are great if you’re in between sizes post pregnancy, as they can be tightened or loosened up or down a size.


Breastfeeding Friendly Wrap Dresses

Lotta Dress in Navy, Joyce Dress, Dent Dress


I am currently wearing T-shirts in a size up and find it’s really easy to nurse in them with a quick lift up. Some mums like to layer over a vest for discretion, but personally I like to pair them with high waisted bottoms or dungarees. Also, your baby will probably enjoy looking at the fun shapes on your favourite slogan tee!




A quick strap down manoeuvre makes dungarees ideal for breast feeding. These Joanie dungarees are in stretch denim which makes them really comfy too.

Breastfeeding friendly dungarees

Bleecker Dungarees



Layers are great for not exposing yourself too much and I absolutely love a cardigan, always have and always will!


Breastfeeding friendly cardigans

Linda Cardigan in Mustard Yellow, Linda Cardigan in Navy

Button Fronts


A shirt dress or button front blouse offers easy access and makes me feel a bit more put together than when I’m in my T-shirt and dungarees.

Breastfeeding friendly shirt dresses

Meredith Dress, Barbara Dress, Karlie Dress


Finally, embrace your new role with the gorgeous Theresa & Smith jumpers. Most importantly remember, you’re doing great, Mum!

Breastfeeding friendly styles

Theresa Jumper, Smith Jumper