Breastfeeding-friendly Style Essentials

Breastfeeding-friendly Style Essentials

In this series, we chat breastfeeding style essentials with Joanie's resident mum and Head of Ecommerce, Jess! As a first-time mum, Jess has found out what the essentials really are and what kind of clothing styles are the most breastfeeding-friendly - while still being stylish!

Seeing as we’re going to be talking about breasts, mainly mine, I feel I ought to introduce myself - I’m Jess - a first-time mum to a just turned one year old, ‘Wilf’. Having breastfed for 12 months and with no sign of it stopping anytime soon, over this series of blog posts I thought I would share my experience and shed some light on what you really need. Here's a little look at the essentials, plus some breastfeeding-friendly styles with my favourite new season pieces from Joanie.

The term 'essentials’ in breastfeeding is often thrown around as a ruse to encourage you to purchase things you don’t really need – yes I’m looking at you, ‘feeding cover’.

Here’s a list of what you actually need;

    • Breasts (obviously)
    • A breastfeeding pillow, ideally with a washable cover
    • Soft nursing bras
    • Breast pads, for the early days when your milk has not regulated!
    • Snacks – producing milk, and breastfeeding, uses up to 600 additional calories per day. Eating regularly will ensure your supply doesn’t diminish.
  • Clothes you’re comfortable feeding in – this never gets mentioned as there is such a focus on ‘covers’ which in essence are a pinny or a large scarf which often leave you and your baby hot and bothered!

Having recently returned to work (to the lovely Joanie Clothing), I found myself having to step away from loungewear and dress like a fully functioning adult - which let’s face it, after poo explosions, Peppa Pig and tantrums all before 8am, it’s quite a challenge.

My saving grace has been updating my wardrobe with breastfeeding-friendly styles, which allow me to feed/express around my day without getting caught short and allowing me to still feel like myself.

This season, I’m spoilt for choice when it comes to breastfeeding-friendly style, with pieces that allow easy feeding without compromising on looking good.

The Button-Down Blouse

A firm favourite of mine this season is Violetta, a red floral print blouse with a Victoriana collar. I’ve worn mine with a cami underneath for discreet feeding and paired with jeans and soft pumps.

 Joanie Violetta Print Blouse

The Jersey Wrap Dress

This soft jersey wrap V-neck dress is a dream.

I’ll be wearing mine with tights and boots and styled with my leather jacket for minimal effort days when I need to look ‘together’.

Breastfeeding Essentials and Style

The Button- Down Jersey Dress

Another simple breastfeeding- friendly piece that promises maximum style. This cherry print soft jersey dress features a button-down front for breastfeeding with ease.

Breastfeeding-friendly style - Jersey printed dress

The Button-Down Tea Dress

This button-through tea dress is perfect for easy wear and will see you through the next months as the weather warms – hoorah!

Breastfeeding-friendly style - printed tea dress

The Classic Wrap Dress

An iconic print in an easy wrap dress, what’s not to love?! The Dent is my absolute must-have this season.

Breastfeeding Style Retro Wrap Dress

The Button Down Shirt Dress

This button-through denim dress is an absolute classic, I’ll be wearing mine season after season, but for now with a simple stretch cami underneath and boots.Breastfeeding-friendly style - denim dress

Jess x

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