Age UK x Joanie Clothing

Age UK x Joanie Clothing

Joanie announces Age UK as their charity of the year, marked with the launch of the ‘Nanette’ T-shirt, with 100% of proceeds going to charity.

Printed in soft water-based inks and created with colours straight out of Wes Anderson’s palette, the specially designed tee features all the best numbers and their corresponding ‘calls’ in bingo lingo; ‘Two little ducks is 22’ ‘clickety click it’s 66!’

Inspired in equal measures by the old-fashioned game cards of the 1940s and their dedicated tribes of players and the resurgence of bingo – albeit a rave/bingo hybrid, peppered with 90s pop stars and life size cut-outs of Neighbours characters – a craze sweeping the nation through club nights like Bongo’s Bingo and Rebel Bingo.

This year, Joanie chose Age UK as their nominated charity of the year. A cause close to our hearts, Joanie relishes relationships with the people who lived through the eras that inspire our very collections. Our parents, Grandparents, distant relatives, neighbours, old men in the pub – these are the people who experienced ‘vintage’ as we know it today first-hand; their stories, photographs, experience, mementos and sometimes even wardrobes, continue to fuel Joanie’s love affair with times gone by.

Age UK is the country’s largest charity dedicated to making the most of later life. Aging is not an illness, but it can be challenging. Age UK provide support services at a national and local level to inspire, enable and support older people; helping them make the best choices for their golden years. The charity puts people in control of the care they receive, while sharing best practice to improve services. They also tackle loneliness through befriending services, help older people become active again and support people to stay independent for longer.

Along with the proceeds of the Nanette tee, Joanie will be donating funds through sample sales, office fundraisers and by donating clothing to Age UK charity shops.

The Joanie team recently took part in Age UK’s ‘random acts of kindness’ by volunteering at our Local Day Care Centre. The team danced through the day to some of the older people’s favourite songs, both past and present. We shared many laughs, exchanged stories, played a game of pool (or 5) and enjoyed a party buffet.

1.4 million people in the UK are often lonely. That may be your Granny or your next-door neighbour, a small act of kindness can make a huge difference to an older person’s day.

The money raised goes to building campaigns and conducting research to help make later life better for older people today and tomorrow.

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