Joanie Clothing X Ohh Deer Giveaway

Joanie Clothing X Ohh Deer Giveaway

As we launch our competition with Ohh Deer, we look at ways that we can be more organised and efficient in our lives. Because, let's face it, we all need a little help from time to time, especially with life admin.

To enter our Ohh Deer giveaway. Click here. Good luck!

Buy a Notebook:

Fill this notebook with all your stray thoughts throughout the day, mainly reminders or ideas that you have (i.e. ring the gardener or buy theatre tickets for x friend's birthday). Or maybe, it's jotting down items you need to add to the shopping list: that'll save you explaining to your house mate why you forgot the toilet roll... Remember to keep this notebook at the side of your bed also, as let's face it, that's when our mind does most of its talking.

Plan your Outfits Before Bed:

We've all been there, the day-in day-out struggle of I have nothing to wear... it can take it's toll on a busy morning! Plan your outfit the night before, honestly you'll have a better nights sleep not worrying (and you can also squeeze an extra 'snooze' button in there)

Desk Declutter:

At least once a week, ideally on a Friday! Get into a routine of getting rid of the week's clutter. You'll feel better when it comes to Monday and you have a shiny new desk to sit at.

Give Everything a Home!

Grab a pot for your pens, a shelf for your books. Give everything a place and your home, desk, cupboards will look like a dream!

Define Your Time Zones:

Separate your work, social and personal time. Completing your work tasks and socialising with friends are very important to us Joanie Gals, but so is relaxation time for yourself!


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