Astrology: Aquarius Zodiac Sign Dates & Traits

Astrology: Aquarius Zodiac Sign Dates & Traits

Welcome to our monthly Astrology Series with our resident Astrologer, Scarlett Stars! This month, we delve into the Aquarius zodiac sign and uncover the dates and traits belonging to this star sign, as well as taking a look at famous Aquarians we love!

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Explained

The Aquarius zodiac sign, although part of the air sign trio, is commonly and incorrectly pigeon-holed as a water sign. With ‘Aqua’ in its name and embodied by the water carrier, you can see the logic behind this frequent faux pas. It’s not water that Aquarius is hauling around in that pot, it's revolutionary and pioneering ideals. Ruled by Uranus, the planet that governs sudden change and innovation, Aquarians are prone to lightning bolt flashes of brilliance too. Eureka!


The Iconic Rebel

For the avant garde nature of the Aquarius zodiac sign expressed at its highest form, see iconic vintage fashion rebel and hotpant heroin herself, Mary Quant. Being one of the leaders of the mini skirt movement, Mary pushed for radical social progress. Contesting the rules and rattling some cages, you don’t get much more Aquarius than this!

An attempt to clip the wings of an Aquarius is a surefire way to rile them up; these free birds detest dominating and controlling personality types. Being a fixed sign, their non-acceptance of authority can see them developing a stubborn streak. Boring them will see their mental gaze quickly turn elsewhere; instead, skip the small talk and give them the mental stimulation they desire.

Aquarius Vintage Style Icons:

Mary Quant -11th Feb

Mia Farrow – 9th Feb

Lana Turner – 8th Feb

The Independent Eccentric

Independent, eccentric and non-conformist to the end, the quirky Aquarius zodiac sign's demeanour can see them pegged as outsiders. In paradox to this, these outsiders love to socialise, they crave the dynamic of a group setting.

With a focus on empowering the people, there might not be much limelight left for their close personal relationships, giving them their aloof and cool reputation. Lovey-dovey emotional cooing from an Aquarius is a rare event. Despite being emotionally detached at times, Aquarius is one of the most selfless and friendly signs of the zodiac.

With their eccentric ways, it’s no wonder that the rest of the horoscope wheel find ‘out of this world’ Aquarius so hard to understand.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Character Traits

Freedom-Loving, Humanitarian, Rebel, Awakener, Unconventional, Original, Detached, Unemotional, Unpredictable, Outspoken, Stubborn, Abstract, Inventive, Progressive, Trendsetter, Spontaneous, Fair, Extroverted, Fixated

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Colours

Electric Blue, Turquoise, Violet

Joanie's picks for the Aquarius star sign colours

Ada Floral Intarsia Jumper - in a fresh Neo Mint shade, this style is the perfect calming influence

Hysteria Blue Floral Print Dress - the painted blue roses of Hysteria's print will show off your bold, creative side

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Numbers

2, 4, 8, 11

I hope you enjoyed reading about the Aquarius zodiac sign. Be sure to look out for the next sign in my series, Pisces!

Scarlett Stars x

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