Astrology: Pisces Zodiac Sign Dates & Traits

Astrology: Pisces Zodiac Sign Dates & Traits

Our Astrology Series continues with our resident Astrologer, Scarlett Stars! This month, we take a closer look at the Pisces zodiac sign - the dates and traits this star sign holds, as well as famous Pisces women!

Pisces Zodiac Sign Explained

Pisces are so deeply tuned-in to human emotion that they can pick up frequencies the rest of us can’t hear. Their natural psychic ability can be a doubled-edged sword, the intensity of their feelings can lead to spiritual fulfilment - however on the flip side, they run the risk of being swallowed up in a world of emotion. The Pisces symbol of the celestial fish swimming in opposite directions represents the thin veil between reality and fantasy in the Pisces mind.


Glitz and Glamour

Be delicate with the good nature of water sign Pisces, they’re likely to soak up our problems as well as their own, a natural need to heal can see them carrying too much on their shoulders. With sympathy and compassion by the bucket-load these old souls frequently put themselves in the shoes of others, a trait which lends its hand to acting.

The ruler of Pisces, Neptune gives the sign its glamorous connotation thanks to its associations with all things alluring. Eternal glamour-puss and star of the silver screen Elizabeth Taylor was the vision of a Piscean. A hopeless romantic, Liz flowed from one relationship to another, the Piscean heart is often worn on the sleeve and offered up through rose tinted specs. Pisces is the sign of the dissolved ego and Liz used her celebrity to advocate her charitable pursuits showing her need to diminish the boundaries that divide us. Moved by the pain and suffering of her peers, Liz really was the Pisces blueprint.

Pisces Vintage Style Icons:

Nina Simone – 21st February

Elizabeth Taylor – 27th February

Pattie Boyd – 17th March

Ursula Andress –19th March

Mystical Mermaid

When faced with unfavourable surroundings, Pisces can become slippery much like their scaly spirit animal. Escapism tendencies can lead to habitual alcohol and drug use. On a lighter note, these visionary fish enter the depths of human consciousness, making them the most gifted artists, poets and creatives.

It’s said that Pisceans have a strange but alluring energy much like a mermaid’s siren calling sailors away from the shore. Their dreamy and thoughtful nature can have spellbinding and mystical effects.

Pisces Sign Character Traits

Deep, Fluid, Susceptible, Wistful, Daydreamer, Escapist, Receptive, Impressionable, Imaginative, Poetic, Flightiness, Non-Superior, Compassionate, Kind, Sentimental, Sympathetic, Visual, Creative, Romantic, Idealistic, Mystical

Pisces Zodiac Sign Colours

Sea Green, Ocean Blue, Aquamarine

Joanie's picks for the Pisces star sign colours

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Pisces Zodiac Sign Numbers

3, 7, 12

I hope you enjoyed reading about the Pisces zodiac sign. Be sure to look out for the next sign in my series, Aries!

Scarlett Stars x

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