Friday's Child: Brand Director, Lucy

Friday's Child: Brand Director, Lucy

It's Friday and we're in love!!! Our 'Eight Days of Joanie' series has reached Fri-yay we interview Brand Director of Joanie, Lucy! The Joanie creator chats to us about all things style and design inspo.

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It’s Friday! Where are we most likely to find you post-5pm?

Most likely one of Salford’s fine hostelries, beer in hand. Only ‘til Emmerdale starts mind you. I wish I could say at yoga class, but you did say Friday, right…

What’s the best bit about your job?

I love seeing the customers looking happy in something I’ve designed and when we get a call or an email from someone to let us know that we’ve made their day – that’s the best bit!

And to our wonderful team of Joanie gals and guys, who make my job fun, thanks y’all.

Is there a stand-out ‘pinch me’ moment that comes to mind since Joanie’s launch?

Making Vogue, twice. Teenage me (and the mirror finish Millennium issue of Vogue, that sat pride of place in a pile next to my bed at my parents’ house, on my desk at university, that I lugged around from house share to rented flat, to eventually organised in chronological order in my adult house) felt like we’d finally made it.

The Joanie HQ TeamJoanie HQ Gals

If you could dress anyone in Joanie past or present, who would it be and why?

‘Dress Taylor Swift’ is literally on my list of 40 things to do before 40-years-old.

Shirley McClaine, in ANY era! In fact, any of the Steel Magnolias. What a bunch of incredible women.

Angela Lansbury (see the Murdershelook Instagram) - she was a real firecracker.

Joanne Woodward; Paul Newman chose her over some of Hollywood’s ‘greatest beauties’. She is often described as lucky but she was a great actress in her own right and pictures of her and Paul are absolute relationship goals. If I think of ‘love’, this is what it looks like! (Friday, I’m in Love…)

Where do you find the greatest inspiration for Joanie’s designs?

The greatest inspirations are probably in old movies. The very idea to start Joanie came out of a lonely afternoon in a hotel room watching Bonjour Tristesse and Taylor Swift videos on YouTube!

When I get stuck for inspiration, it’s usually a film that prompts a new idea. We’re working on Summer ‘19 right now and everyone’s homework was to re-watch The Talented Mr Ripley.

Brand director Lucy Jump ShotLucy Jumping for Joy in our Vendredi Jumper.

Can you describe yourself in three words?

Short. And. Sweet.

Though I’m not sure that many people would agree with the sweet bit.

If I’d have got the spirit animal question, it would have been a Shetland Pony for sure.

How would you define your personal style?

My Navy Blue Uniform; I’m rarely seen out of a Breton stripe - it’s not unusual for me to have to do a stripe wash load each week.

I go through times when I see someone wear something that looks great and think, yeah I’ll try that! I might try adding a new colour to my standard palette of black/white/navy/red - last season it was caramel (thanks @prettylittlefawn) or a new thing (jumpsuits) but I always come back to the same tried and tested looks, somewhere between an Olsen Twin and Jack Nicholson.

I struggle in summer, I like knitwear the best. I like to layer. I wish I could wear leather trousers…

Brand director Lucy profile and jumper shotLucy Wears our Vendredi Jumper.

Who are your biggest style icons (past or present)?

Top 5 (the list grows and grows…)


  1. Nudie Cohn and anyone who ever wore a rhinestone-encrusted Nudie suit, Webb Pierce being my personal fave (just Google his swimming pool).
  2. Mick Jagger in the ‘80s. The white jeans/silk shirt /crap pumps look I can’t resist.
  3. Jean Seberg and the Ye Ye girls… France Gall, Sylvie Vartan & Francois Hardy in the ‘60s.
  4. Michelle Williams, the Heath Ledger years.
  5. Goldie Hawn – a lifelong obsession.

If you could go back and live for a day in any decade, which would you choose and why?

One of Frank Zappa’s legendary Log Cabin parties, 2401 Lauren Canyon Boulevard, summer of 1968. The who’s who of Rock and Roll royalty, Joni Mitchell & Rod Stewart in a tree house, a dayglo bowling alley… Fire up the flux capacitor already.

Finally, what Joanie pieces are you currently coveting from the new collection?

I’ve bought the ‘Dietrich’ pants in all three colours; they are super high-waisted, the crop is a good length even for my 5ft nothing height, sort of like a Japanese gardening pant. They are my current go-to look with a stripe top or a blouse (French-tucked, obviously). Next on the wishlist is Brittany - it has the best details of every fisherman’s jumper I ever owned (a lot) and rolled them into one ultimate Breton sweater.


Thank you for reading Lucy’s interview! Stay tuned to read the rest of the series with our Joanie HQ gals. You can shop Lucy’s ‘Friday I'm In Love’ Vendredi Jumper here 



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