Summer film night

Summer film night

As the summer rain tumbles down here in Blighty we thought we’d share our favourite sun-filled films, if you can’t get the real thing- why not enjoy a summer film night instead? From the old greats to the new Hollywood box office hits our summer film night will take you on an adventure of laughter, dance and romance.


Bonjour tristesse: Bonjour tristesse tells the tale of prim and proper Anne as she travels to the French Riviera to visit the wealthy husband of her recently deceased friend. His spoilt daughter, Cecile (played by a young and ever so stylish Jean Seberg) is afraid that Anne's visit may change their hedonistic lifestyle so she attempts to drive a wedge between the woman and her father. Little do they know that Anne's attitude hides a fragility and hurt that may have tragic consequences. If you love the romance and allure of the French Riviera then you’re bound to get swept away by Bonjour tristesse.


Lala Land: The film that everyone is talking about, if you haven’t seen it- then do! Heartthrob Ryan Gosling plays an aspiring jazz musician named Sebastian who’s down on his luck. Emma Stone plays a hungry Actress named Mia desperate for her big break. The couple are drawn together by their desire to do what they love. As they both manage to get a lucky break, the success they have longed for threatens to rip them apart. A mesmerising emotional rollercoaster of a musical oozing old Hollywood charm and some excellent dancing!


Moonrise Kingdom: No self-respecting Joanie film night would be complete without a touch of Wes Anderson magic, Moonrise Kingdom just had to make the cut! Set in 1965 on a sweet little island off the coast of New England, a pair of twelve year olds named Sam and Suzy have fallen madly in love and decided to run away together. A violent storm is fast approaching forcing an unlikely group of adults (among them Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray) to form a search party, chaos ensues. Be aware nostalgia for summer camping trips and the Brownie guides may be evoked by this whimsical and immaculately shot masterpiece.


Grease: Experience the dramas of life at an American high school in the 1950’s, there’s friendships, romance, high-speed racers, beauty school drop outs, singing and dancing in spades. Wholesome exchange student Sandy played by Olivia Newton-John and a leather-clad Danny played by John Travolta have a sizzling summer romance, oh those summer nights! Grease is the most successful movie musical of all time, for good reason.


Viva Las Vegas: The King of rock ‘n’ roll himself, Elvis Presley plays a musically gifted racing car driver ‘Lucky Jackson’ who’s in Las Vegas hoping for a win big enough to fund his new Grand Prix worthy car. Lucky encounters seductive swimming instructor Rusty played by Ann Margret who makes him consider sticking around in Vegas for longer. Unlucky for 'Lucky' he loses all his winnings meaning he is forced to stick around in Vegas to recoup his dough, now he also has his eyes set on winning Rusty’s heart. Unfortunately, so does his smooth racing driver arch nemesis, Elmo. A non-stop song and dance delight, colourful, playful and perfectly lively- with lots of gorgeous vintage swimwear!

If the sun hasn’t got his hat on where you are gals, what better way to cheer up a rainy summers night that with a riot of singing, dancing and romancing! Enjoy your Summer film night!



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