An Interview with Bev Thomas: Author of A Good Enough Mother

An Interview with Bev Thomas: Author of A Good Enough Mother

We caught up with new author, Bev Thomas who recently unveiled her debut novel A Good Enough Mother following her well-established career as a clinical psychologist. We host our interview with Bev Thomas and talk about what it's been like making her foray into fiction writing and the themes highlighted in her book. Read on for the interview!

Hi Bev, great to speak to you! You recently released your debut novel, A Good Enough Mother – can you tell us a little about the themes explored in the book?

A Good Enough Mother is a story about Ruth Hartland, a mother and therapist whose life begins to unravel when she is referred a new client who looks strikingly like her missing seventeen-year old son. The book is about a mother’s love for her son, exploring themes of responsibility and guilt – and grief and loss.

Who would you say the book is for - what kind of readers will find it hard to put down?

It would appeal to those who like the page-turner element of suspense, and those interested in family dynamics and how the mistakes we make in the past can unravel in the present. It also opens the door into the secret world of therapy, bringing the world to life for all those who might be curious to find out what goes on! It’s a psychological thriller, with the psychology at the very heart of the drama.

You’ve had a great career in the NHS as a psychologist and mental health services consultant, did you plan on penning a book which draws upon your own professional knowledge and experiences?

No – not really. I’d initially been reluctant to explore my working life in fiction, as I didn’t want the focus to be on a client, but it was only when I made the protagonist a flawed therapist that the story really came to life, and I was then able to draw on my years of work in the NHS to ensure the world was authentic and believable.

Author Bev Thomas A Good Enough Mother

Is writing something you’ve always wanted to pursue?

When I was at junior school, I remember wanting to be a writer. But it was many years later, after training and working as a clinical psychologist that I began taking my writing seriously.

You’re still working as a consultant; how do you balance this with novel writing?

I like the balance. My work in mental health has always been part of my life and I still find it interesting and fulfilling. I feel really lucky to be able to do both.

Have you got any tips for aspiring writers looking to start their first book?

Write! Get a first draft down on paper. Don’t over think it. And persevere! Rejection and constant rewriting are very much part of the journey.

What’s next for you in terms of writing, is there another book in the pipeline?

I have a couple of projects on the go. One fiction, one non-fiction. But they’re still taking shape on the page, so I can’t say too much about either of them yet!

Outside of your work, what else is keeping you busy at the moment?

Well… I’m answering these questions in lockdown. So, along with everyone else, I am busy adapting to a new way of working, and adjusting to this strange new world we’re living in.


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We hope you enjoyed our interview with Bev Thomas! You can purchase her book, A Good Enough Mother from Faber & Faber's online store - and head to our Instagram for a chance to win a copy!