Joanie X Sophia Rosemary

Joanie X Sophia Rosemary

It's finally here, the second Joanie X Sophia Rosemary Collection! This capsule collection of graphic and slogan T-shirts has been designed perfectly to reflect Sophia's nostalgic style inspirations, drawing upon her love of film and music.

So from the words of Sophia, let’s meet the gang…

Pachanga ‘Dance Scene’ Graphic Tee, £22

Do the Pachanga in our new favourite graphic tee! With an illustration of our all time favourite dance routine on a soft pink cotton tee, pair with white jeans and get that iconic dance routine perfected. Nobody puts baby in the corner…

Thorlby ‘Hopeless Hearts Hotel’ Tee, £22

Like the original but cooler… No literally - cooler, blue tones. Thorlby is an old favourite from the previous collection has been given a little refresh and I think this incredible vintage aqua tone does just the trick at giving her a boyish makeover. I’m a sucker for a tourist tee and wherever I go in the world, I have to track down the best, most kitsch T-shirt! Thorlby is ideal for wearing on the beach, at a festival and sharing with your boyfriend.

Mulholland ‘Welcome To Hollywood’ Tee, £22

Everybody’s got a dream and mine is to own a Vivian/Kit De Luca inspired T-shirt. A true romantic at heart, my obsession with tourist T-shirts combines with my love for a classic rom-com to create Mulholland. I wanted her to be a classic off-white tee that you love to wear year after year and can easily throw on with a stone-washed jean and feel like “three thousand dollars!”.

Jonah ‘It Was Like Magic’ Tee, £22

Last year I really got to fall in love with New York, on my first non-work trip there with my boyfriend. I don't think you can go to NYC and not feel inspired, especially when you realise how many of your favourite films are set or shot there. Jonah is an ode to New York via another of my favourite rom-coms, Sleepless in Seattle - and that famous ‘An Affair to Remember’ inspired ending on top of the Empire State Building. This T-shirt is a little reminder of the magic in New York, in a good romantic film and a great T-shirt.

Wilder ‘Meet Cute’ Tee, £22

I studied film in college and one of the only terms that truly stuck with me was ‘meet cute’- the moment when two characters who will form a romantic relationship first meet. It’s adorable and as a true romantic, I’m a firm believer that we experience our own real life ‘meet cutes’, whether it’s with our partner (obviously), your best friend, your pup or an amazing T-shirt you’ve just got to have! Wilder makes me smile and is a nod to the escapism of a good film.

Melanie ‘Palmistry’ Fortune Tee, £22

Sister style to last year’s ‘Lynne’ tee, Melanie is a truly mystical and very cool kinda girl. I love the idea of your destiny being set out for you and it’s all in the palm of your hand for you to behold. The Melanie T-shirt is definitely a style for a headstrong girl who sets her own path in life, makes her own fortune and dresses by her own rules. 

Harrison ‘Let It Roll’ Tee, £22

It wouldn't be my collection if there wasn’t a little ‘70s style thrown in - and that’s where we say hello to the Harrison T-shirt. Taking inspiration from retro roller discos and one of my musical heroes, this staple tee was created. Harrison’s flock detailing gives him a super vintage feel and he would fit in nicely worn to any festival with your favourite high tops for a boyish, effortlessly cool look.

Dustin ‘Space Camp’ Tee, £22

I have the most bizarre style heroes sometimes and for this tee, I took inspiration from a little-known TV series, you might possibly have heard of. I’m a sucker for a ‘club’ inspired T-shirt and Dustin is no exception. I really wanted him to look like something your dad has handed down to you from his days at Space Camp in the ‘70s and ‘80s - a tee which, back then, would have been a little nerdy but just gets cooler with age.