How To Wear Beatnik Style

Say hello to the 1960s – Beatniks, as we take a closer look at the main influence for our latest collection. The Beat Generation was a literary movement started by a group of authors whose work explored and influenced American culture and politics in the post-war era. Let's take a look at how to wear Beatnik style this season...

the beatniks
Jack Beatnik Jumper

The History of Beatnik Style...

The rebellion of the beatniks was against the materialistic society of the American middle class. The Beat Generation found a way to rebel against the horrors they saw in society by pulling away from it, but not without being heard. Their rebellion was done through literature and was one of self expression. When it comes to style, the 1960s was a definitive era. Beatnik fashion started back in the 1940s, but it was still going strong in the ’60s.

The Breton Stripe Top

The Beatniks rebelled against the 'living doll' fashion and were mostly identified by a love of black, with a Breton top thrown in for good measure! Jean Seberg is one of the main poster girls for this look. It's easy to get this same look today. In fact, the modern beatnik's look is fresh and versatile. Best of all, you may have some of the building blocks in your wardrobe already- such as a pair of peg leg trousers and Breton striped tee which will start you off, but alternatively you can freshen up the more traditional look with pieces from our new collection.

60s style dress
Selina Bodysuit , Daphne Pinafore

60s A-Line Dress

Our Daphne pinafore gives a nod to the 60s, with its A-line silhouette and above the knee hemline. Daphne pairs effortlessly with our favourite striped Selina bodysuit, giving you the ultimate get up and go look that will take you from the coffee bar to the speakeasy in true Beatnik style. Wear with a pair of your favourite white ankle boots for an extra 60s twist.

monochrome roll neck
Selina Roll Neck in Black, Peggy Trousers | Selina Bodysuit , Suzy Skirt

Monochrome Roll Neck

A classic monochrome roll neck gives the understated chic Beatnik style to replicate that of Jean Seberg. Opt for theSelina in stripe and pair with the Suzy Skirt or alternatively wear the Selina in plain black with our new Peggy Trousers.

George Orwell 1984
Winston Jumper, Chessie Skirt

Book-Inspired Style

Of course no Beatnik Style wardrobe would be complete without a book-inspired style! The Winston Sweatshirt is inspired by the iconic George Orwell 1984 Classic. Wear the Winston 1984 Sweatshirt with the monochrome geometric pattern Chess Mini Skirt.

To add a little Beatnik style to your wardrobe, shop our new 'Greenwich Village Voice' Collection.