Astrology: Gemini Zodiac Sign Dates & Traits

Astrology: Gemini Zodiac Sign Dates & Traits

Next up in our Astrology Series, resident Astrologer Scarlett Stars takes a look at the Gemini zodiac sign - the dates and traits this star sign holds, as well the vintage style icons of the Gemini zodiac sign.


Gemini Zodiac Sign Explained

Gemini is appropriately symbolised by the twins, this way they have double the man power for juggling their sheer number of commitments. Think of them as having enough thoughts and chatter for two in their hyperactive minds. Gemini belongs to the air sign trio, and like air they never stop moving. Breezing through a vast range of interests making them dynamic and impulsive. Prone to polarities in their personalities, these curious twins are often labelled two faced, but this isn’t necessarily true, it’s just they have so much to discover in so little time.


Gemini Vintage Style Icon Marilyn Monroe

Gemini Vintage Style Icon: Marilyn Monroe - 1st June


Fun and Flighty Gemini

Networker Gemini is untouchable when it comes to working the room, Gemini can blend their colours to match the company they keep. It’s unlikely you’ll see these confident conversationalists participating in an awkward exchange; however, their natural need to chin-wag could see them participating in idle gossip.

Fun and flighty Gemini win many admirers with their quick wit and charm. Trying to catch these social butterflies is not easy as their partner criteria goal posts are ever changing. As one of the most intelligent natives of the horoscope wheel but also holding the record for the shortest attention span, you’ll certainly have to sharpen your game to keep their interest.


Gemini Vintage Style Icon Stevie Nicks

Gemini Vintage Style Icon: Stevie Nicks - 26th May


Strings to the Bow

Boredom is off the menu for Gemini - curiosity propels them into all kinds of new ventures. For an example of a plate spinning Gemini see Joan Collins and the many strings she has to her bow. Her writing success in particular is an attribute heavily linked to the sign of the storytelling twins. Ruled by Mercury, communication planet, the purpose of Gemini is to exchange their thoughts with the rest of us.




Gemini Vintage style icon Joan Collins

Gemini Vintage Style Icon: Joan Collins - 23rd May


Known for her well turned out appearance, Joan and the rest of the Gemini clan usually express an interest in the appearance of our outer shells, in some instances this can lead to superficial tendencies.


Gemini Vintage Style Icon Judy Garland

Gemini Vintage Style Icon: Judy Garland - 10th June


Gemini Sign Character Traits

Charming, Humorous, Quick, Moody, Superficial, Changeable, Knowledgeable, Optimistic, Cheerful, Sociable, Restless, Fickle, Talkative, Versatile, Resourceful, Distracted, Storyteller, Multifaceted, Inquisitive, Networker.

Gemini Zodiac Sign Colours

Sunny Yellow, Chartreuse.


Joanie's picks for the Gemini Zodiac Sign Colours

Pepper Bicycle Print Shirt Dress - Pepper is perfect for the Charming and Cheerful Taurus. Get set for some sunshine in this playful print!

Gemma Lace Sundress – Taking you from exploring the local markets to drinks on the terrace this summer.

Beech Floral Frill Neck Blouse – Bringing lashings of sunshine to your day in a cheerful yellow floral print.


Gemini Numbers

2, 3, 12

I hope you enjoyed reading about the Taurus zodiac sign. Be sure to look out for the next sign in my series, Cancer!

Scarlett Stars x