Astrology: Cancer Zodiac Sign Dates & Traits

Astrology: Cancer Zodiac Sign Dates & Traits

The newest instalment in our Astrology Series, resident Astrologer Scarlett Stars takes a look at the Cancer zodiac sign - the dates and traits this star sign holds, as well famous Cancer stars!


Cancer Zodiac Sign Explained

Represented by the crab, this sideways stepping crustacean characterises Cancer’s protective outer layer and delicate inner. The phrase ‘coming out of your shell’ can be linked to the Cancerian tendency to reveal their soft spots only once their outer surroundings have been deemed as safe. The crab’s ability to exist both on land and sea symbolises the two spheres of life Cancer weaves between: the emotional realm and the practical realm.


Cancer Vintage Style Icon Jerry Hall

Cancer Vintage Style Icon: Jerry Hall - 2nd July


Hostess with the Mostest

Ruled by the Moon, Cancers can become awash with their feelings making them susceptible to sudden changes of tempo; these mood swings can cause their claws to pinch occasionally. The moon rules the subconscious as well as emotion, blessed with a 6th sense these cosmic crabs can suss out atmospheres and new characters using their spidey senses.

Compassionate and patient, Cancer is an inherently nurturing sign. Domestically orientated, Cancerian’s make excellent hosts, feasting with friends is just one of the ways they like to express their care-giving instincts. When they aren’t entertaining, Cancers like to retreat back into their shells for some alone time. Providing the ultimate form of safety, their abodes are often packed with creature comforts.

Debbie Harry, front woman with attitude, oozes that Cancerian outer edge. Yet on the inside her soft spot for her dogs sees her cuddling her beloved pooches in public showing that care-giving Cancerian instinct.


Cancer Vintage Style icon Debbie Harry

Cancer Vintage Style Icon: Debbie Harry - 1st July


Nostalgic Souls

Those born under the sign of the celestial crab are said to have a natural instinct towards collecting, either by sentimental hoarding or by the banking of nostalgic memories. The Cancerian need to reminisce makes them the least forgetful of the zodiac signs.


Cancer Vintage Style Icon Ginger Rogers

Cancer Vintage Style Icon: Ginger Rogers - 16th July


Love runs deep for these crabs, making them devoted partners. The gravitational pull they have towards ‘broken birds’ can see them putting others' needs before their own. Ultimately Cancer is happiest when having found their lobster.


Cancer Vintage Style Icon Didi onn

Cancer Vintage Style Icon: Didi Conn- 16th July


Cancer Traits

Guarded, Domestic, Homely, Cagey, Sentimental, Intuitive, Compassionate, Loyal, Emotional, Defensive, Helpful, Romantic, Independent, Creative, Caregiver, Moody, Nostalgic, Imaginative, Sensitive, Devoted.


Cancer Colours

White, Silver, Pastel Pink.


Joanie's picks for the Cancer Zodiac Sign Colours 

Brett French Fries Breton Stipe Top – Feast your eyes on Brett. Laidback, comfy, quirky and a little bit appetising!

Molly Cord Pinafore Dress – Pretty in Pink! Channel your nostalgic trait in our classic ‘60s-inspired pinafore dress.

Vanda Lobster Print Dress – Make Vanda your new Lobster! This dress was practically made for the Cancer Zodiac sign!

Cancer Numbers

4, 7, 11


We hope you enjoyed reading about the Cancer zodiac sign. Be sure to look out for the next sign in my series, Leo!

Scarlett Stars x