Everyday Brunch Club - 3 Easy Easter Recipes

Everyday Brunch Club - 3 Easy Easter Recipes

In the latest instalment of Joanie's Everyday Brunch Club series, our Garment Technologist and resident 'Star Baker' Lauren, picks her top 3 Easy Easter recipes.

Easter weekend is the perfect excuse to spend the long weekend relaxing and eating lovely food with your friends and family. When you have a little more time during the Bank Holiday Weekend it’s always lovely to cook something special.

Whether you have a sweet tooth or you prefer a more savoury brunch we want to share some of our favourite simple Easter brunch recipes. Here are some simple Easter brunch recipes we’ll be tucking into over the long weekend. 

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Brunch Club Recipe 1 - Dutch Babies (a.k.a Puffed Pancake)

4 Simple Easter Brunch Recipes


The first recipe is taken from my favourite go-to baking blog ‘Poires Au Chocolat’. I have to admit I was drawn in by the beautiful food photography but quickly found that this lady really does know how create beautiful food! This impressive puffed pancake is a thing of beauty and it’s so simple its dangerous! This is one for the Yorkshire pudding lovers (Everyone, surely?).

Suggested lovely things to go inside: Raspberries, maple syrup, crème fraise, Banana/Nutella, Lemon/Golden caster sugar. Oof Delicious!

Brunch Club Recipe 2 - Cornbread with Chipotle Butter

Brunch Recipes


If you’re craving something more savoury and smokier then you’ll love this next one. This recipe is taken from award winning Caravan Restaurant who are famous for their all-day dining.

This recipe is their take on the Southern American classic; Cornbread. It’s a tasty alternative to toast and with the added-bonus of spicy chipotle butter. With lime and Coriander what’s not to love?! This can easily be adapted to make it into a bigger brunch.

Suggested “extras” that will work well alongside - Avocado, bacon, fried or poached eggs

P.S. The French toast version of this is delicious!

Brunch Club Recipe 3 - Baked Eggs

3 Simple Easter Brunch Recipes

Image credit: Petrina Tinslay

Baked Eggs Or as Nigella named this ‘Eggs in Purgatory’. Great hangover food or just good wholesome food that’s good any time of day. Traditionally Middle Eastern/North African but similar to the Mexican Huevos Ranchos this rustic spicy breakfast/lunch dish is best served with bread for dunking. So easy to make and It can be made entirely on the hob or finished in the oven (the traditional way).

Suggested for “extras” that will work well with this if you prefer Mexican flavours - Avocado, Chorizo, Fresh Coriander, Sour cream, Pickled Jalapenos

Happy Easter!

Lauren- Garment Technologist at Joanie

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