The Eighth Child: Assistant Garment Technologist, Sarah

The Eighth Child: Assistant Garment Technologist, Sarah

Our 'Eight Days of Joanie' series is coming to an end...we are on the last but definitely not least! Our fabulous finale stars Sarah, our Assistant Garment Technologist here at Joanie HQ! Keep on reading for some insight into Sarah's work life and what she enjoys doing in her chill time...

Sarah is wearing our Huit 'Eight Days a Week' jumper and coordinately, our Sarah Denim Skirt, you can shop her look now!

What would you do with an extra day in the week?

I’d like to think I’d do something worth the extra day but I’d probably end up wasting it re-watching episodes of long-finished TV shows!

Tell us about your role at Joanie - what does a typical day look like?

First things first, coffee. After doing the usual morning coffee round, there are normally a lot of emails to reply to. More often than not, I have a pile of garment prototypes on my desk ready to be measured in preparation for our weekly fit meeting. If not, there are always CADs (the initial computer-drawn designs) to be done ahead of being sent to our suppliers for new developments!

What’s the best bit about your job?

Getting to work alongside some of the nicest people I’ve ever met - the design and product development team! Seeing new developments go from being a design and specification pack, to a finished garment that you are able to buy is a real thrill too - a lot of love goes into each and every Joanie piece.

The Joanie HQ Gals.

The Joanie HQ Gals.

Have you always wanted to work in the clothing industry? Why?

As far as I can remember, I always wanted to be a fashion designer. Since going to university and studying Fashion Design and Technologies, I found my love for the production side of the clothing industry! I’m lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to do both, design development AND production within my role at Joanie.

What’s your favourite way to relax after a day at the office?

THE GYM. Honestly, if you’ve ever had a long day at work, the gym is the best way to wind down! (I know a fair few people who would definitely disagree with me here)

Sarah jumping for joy in our Huit Jumper.

Can you describe yourself in three words?

Organised, headstrong and lively.

How would you define your personal style?

One word, varied! You’ll usually catch me in dungarees and my trusty Dr Martens, but I feel equally as comfortable in heels, smart trousers and a polo neck jumper. It all depends on my mood that day!

Sarah R and our Huit 'Eight Days a Week' Jumper.Sarah R and our Huit 'Eight Days a Week' Jumper.

Are there any style icons (past or present) that inspire you?

Twiggy is the ultimate style icon for me, or Brigitte Bardot. There’s something about Brigitte’s effortless ‘girl next door’ style and Twiggy’s ‘I’ll wear what I want and look amazing’ attitude that’s admirable.

If you could go back and live for a day in any decade, which would you choose and why?

Definitely the late ‘60s to early ‘70s! From looking back at my mam and dad’s old photographs from their ‘prime’, everything seemed brighter, easier much more stylish than today! A glimpse into my parents’ lives when they were my age would be eye-opening to say the least.

Finally, what Joanie pieces are you currently coveting from the new collection?

Definitely the Soho leather look pinafore in Plum and the matching Chelsea mini skirt! And obviously, the Kareema dungarees.

Thank you for reading Sarah’s interview! We hope you check out the rest of the series featuring our Joanie HQ gals. You can shop Sarah’s ‘Eight Days a Week’ Huit Jumper now.

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