Monday's Child: Creative Ecommerce & Marketing Assistant, Gemma

Monday's Child: Creative Ecommerce & Marketing Assistant, Gemma

Welcome to our Eight Days of Joanie blog series!!! Kicking things off, we interview Monday's child, Gemma! Gemma is our Creative Ecommerce & Marketing Assistant here at Joanie HQ.

We sit down with Gemma to find out more about this Joanie gal and what her role at Joanie HQ is all about...keep reading to find out!

How do you really feel about Mondays?

Obviously the first early start after a lazy weekend of lie-ins is never the best, however, I am lucky that I actually love my job! So getting into work and hearing about everyone's weekends is something I look forward to. I also like to think of Monday as a fresh start, whatever didn’t go great the week before can be put behind you, and you’ve got a whole new week to look forward to!

What’s your usual morning routine before you head to Joanie HQ?

Once my final alarm has been ‘snoozed’, I get up at around 7am, freshen up and put on my outfit for the day…I tryyyyy to lay it out the night before but that hardly ever happens. Then I’ll go downstairs to have pre-work cuddles with my dog, quickly eat some sort of brekkie (normally The Body Coach’s overnight oats) but if I’m running for the train it usually ends up being a croissant and some fruit at my desk!

Tell us about your role at Joanie - what does a typical day look like?

Coffee in hand, I usually start off by checking our social pages and responding to any messages/posts from our lovely Joanie Gals. After I have checked my emails, I’ll take a look at my to-do list for the day…one of my main jobs is researching and getting in touch with different brands and inspirational women to interview for our blog or to collaborate with for social giveaways/competitions. I will also schedule social media posts and create the captions, my fave ones to do has to be ‘Fursday’…I could look at cute puppies ALL day. Then I will help with images and create product descriptions for the website. I also look around for inspiration as to what blog posts I can write next, which is really fun!


Joanie HQ team

The Joanie HQ Gals


Every day is different so I guess the variation and seeing my ideas come to life is really cool! I also love working with all of the gals at Joanie HQ, as well as working really hard we have a good laugh in the office and like to quote the film Bridesmaids A LOT.

Are there any magazines or blogs you love to read to stay inspired?

There are plenty of magazines I love to read, however, I would say that my favourite is definitely Vogue. I really like what Edward Enninful is doing with the publication. I try to collect as many editions as I can without it being hoarder-esque. I also have a couple of retro ones (thanks, mum!)

In terms of blogs there are a few different ones, for a fashion blog I really like checking out ‘In The Frow’ but I also enjoy learning new recipes from cooking/baking blogs too! As much as I still enjoy reading blog posts like I’m sure many others do, I have found myself following my favourite bloggers more on YouTube now. I find styling and ‘day in the life’ videos really interesting…probably because I’m rather nosy.

Joanie HQ Mardi Jumper

Gemma jumping for joy in our Lundi Jumper

Can you describe yourself in three words?


Only joking. I’d say…chatty, thoughtful and germaphobic.

How would you define your personal style?

I like classic, clean style. I only ever get specific trend pieces from time to time, I’d much rather invest in simple, cool and unique pieces that I know I’ll be able to wear in years to come! I’d say I don’t have a specific ‘look’ for work…I will either turn up to the office in a tee, trousers and trainer combo or a polo neck, skirt and ankle boots, all depends how I am feeling/how chilly Manchester is!!!


I Don't Like Mondays jumper

The 'I don't like Mondays' Lundi Jumper

Are there any style icons (past or present) that inspire you?

I take inspiration from lots of cool women past and present but I absolutely LOVE Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (total fan girl!!!) She is an English model, businesswoman and actress. Her style is amazing and so classy. I genuinely think she is the Twiggy of our generation, I’m sure that in years to come people will still look back and be inspired by what she wears and how effortlessly cool she is.

If you could go back and live for a day in any decade, which would you choose and why?

I would have to say some time during the ‘80s/’90s. I love films like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Home Alone and TV series such as Sex and the City, so I always think it would have been really cool to be a teen growing up in somewhere like LA or New York during that time. A lot of my fave songs were also from that era (MJ and ABBA…need I say anymore?) Plus it was such an exciting time for fashion and makeup with the rise of the supermodels like Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss! To be honest, I think going back to any time where there was no social media or mobiles would be really interesting…

Finally, what Joanie pieces are you currently coveting from the new collection?

Ooo there are lots! My number one choice would have to be the new Selina and Sedgwick bodysuits as I love how easy they are to pair with things, plus a classic roll neck always looks fab…I probably have way too many already. I have also just got my hands on the Elkie Tee, I think that will look really cool with jeans and Vans. Then there are all the lovely leopard print pieces right now, I have the Nikita Maybe Baby Jumper in Black and I can’t wait to wear it with my new leopard print skirt and some suede ankle boots!


Thank you for reading Gemma's interview! Stay tuned to read the rest of the series with our Joanie HQ gals. You can shop Gemma's 'I don't like Mondays' Lundi Jumper here:


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