Joanie's Glam Rock Icons: a Guide to Glam Rock Greatness!

In this blog post we’re going back in time gals… and we’re bringing glam rock back, giving you some tips how to wear metallics, print and slogans! With a little inspo from our greatest glam rock icons, of course.

Glam rock started in the UK back in the 1970s and was brought to life by iconic names in music such as Blondie, David Bowie, T.Rex and Madonna. The stars of the stage took fashion to a whole new level, with clashing prints, metallics and really, really, BIG hair!

Here at Joanie HQ, we wanted to throw it back to those glory days and so the latest additions to our Chinoiserie collection are a selection of pieces inspired by all things that made the glam rock fashion era so great.

Joanie Slogan Tees

First up we look back fondly at slogan tees! Stars like ultimate rock chick, Debbie Harry of Blondie looked ultra-cool in all of her slogan tees back in the day. These types of tees are back and look great with ripped denim or studded leather, we have a couple of options of our own…check out our Elkie or Neve tee!

The Neve features a ‘we are the weirdos’ slogan across the front in a rock ‘n’ roll/ghostly font, throw it on with your fave jeans and there you go, instant effortless cool!

 throwback FASHION FACT:

The famous zebra print dress THAT DEBBIE HARRY wore in an early poster shoot was in fact, a pillow case! That gal can make anything look good!!!

Looking into more of the glam side of rock we are loving sequins and sparkle! Inspired by the likes of David Bowie who was quite possibly the king of shine, we bring to you a sneak peek of a couple of our top picks for this gorgeous glam rock trend, coming to Joanie very soon!

Glam Rock Joanie styles

First on the set list is Hannah, our gloriously glitzy, sequin embellished pencil skirt, that adds a Madonna level of cool to any tee or blouse. Or if you’re wanting a more toned-down slice of shine you’ll love our new metallic knits we are launching soon. Like our Madonna inspired ‘True Blue’ Anjelica jumper!

Joanie Metallic Slogan Jumpers

throwback FASHION FACT:

David Bowie began wearing women’s clothing on stage which later lead to the birth of his alter-ego, Ziggy Stardust!

Last but by no means least, the ‘70s glam rock style we are really into right now is prints and lace! A bold print or some layers of lace scream rock chick chic. Rock legends like T.Rex were big fans of a bold print for their stage debuts. Here at Joanie, we are putting a more feminine twist on this trend, with our new Anna-May dresses. The orienta-inspired style looks great with a leather jacket, fishnets and military style boots! For another dressy glam rock look, all eyes are on our Maria lace dresses . The dress comes in a Black and an autumnal Plum shade - great with some chunky boots, you’ll feel like the queen of glam rock in no time!!!

throwback FASHION FACT:

Marc Bolan, the lead singer in T. Rex has been previously called ‘the least-known most influential man in fashion’. his style still inspires designers today.

Thank you for reading this guide to glam rock greatness, if you create a glam rock look using any of the mentioned pieces be sure to use our hashtag #joaniegal, we’d love to see your pics!

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