A Day in the Life of Mum Blogger Danielle Hansen

A Day in the Life of Mum Blogger Danielle Hansen

At Joanie, we're often asked for recommendations on great styles for busy mums who are breastfeeding and looking for something stylish and practical for life on-the-go. We caught up with mum, blogger and #JoanieGal, Danielle Hansen for an insight into a typical day and of course, her favourite button-through Joanie dresses.

All these words are Danielle's own!

I lead a truly glamorous life. 

I wake up each morning after an 8-hour series of naps more so than a night of sleep to a warm, cozy baby using my boob as a pillow, a wild 2 year old yelling GET ME OUT, and a 5 year old asking me to guess what he’s thinking or how to spell out words as he gets to work being a little boy for the day. 

Mum Blogger Breastfeeding Style

Danielle wears Martha

There’s first and second and third breakfast more often than not, usually a poopy diaper right as I sit down an hour later for my meal, and beverage requests on repeat. Little boys run in muddy from the backyard over and over, fights are broken up, and tears are mended sometimes on a 5 minute cycle for hours on end. So many car seats to buckle, hands to hold, and questions to answer. Laughter and wrestling, shouts and songs- these are the soundtrack of my days. 

The smallest of the group would be permanently attached in a kangaroo pouch if he had anything to say with it, and I’d be happy to oblige. The magical thing about nursing is that it’s a momma’s built in excuse to sit down and be still with her tiny babe

Mum Blogger Danielle Hansen Style

Danielle wears Barb

As a mother of three wild boys, I celebrate a tiny piece of me each day when I choose what to wear. If I’m going to be a human dairy covered in spit up and dirt all day, I may as well wear something pretty, right? For the past 6 years, anytime I invest in clothing, I have my radar on for nursing friendly options that I can wear pregnant, nursing, and anywhere in between- and Joanie has that department on lock. 

Joanie Gal Mummy Blogger Wears

Danielle wears Thelma

These young motherhood days are not serene, and the moments of calm are few and fleeting. It is messy and loud and full of energy. I go to bed each night tired to the bone and craving silence, replaying both the sweetness and the crazy of the day in my head. And I’m ever thankful that in those quick moments that I happen to catch a glimpse in the mirror, I can see ME- a mother- dark eye circles, messy hair, and a pretty dress (even if it is caked in flour and spit up)- looking more myself than I ever though possible because this is exactly who I’m meant to be. 

Follow Danielle on Instagram for more insights into her family life and snapshots of her effortless style. Danielle also blogs more in depth on family topics and 'mum' fashion over at The Hansen Tribe.

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