Joanie's Black Friday Offers Preview

Joanie's Black Friday Offers Preview

Hey gals, things are hotting up at Joanie HQ. This month, we're getting excited about Christmas - but first, there's another important milestone approaching fast...

It's November which means...
1) Joanie's super cute Autumn/Winter range is here.
2) All you keep hearing about is Black Friday, right?

But the questions is - what is Black Friday?

We've got everything you need to know about this special one-day event; plus, a little sneak peek on what's going to be offer.

So here it is - Black Friday started out in the US; it's the day after the US holiday of Thanksgiving and has become known as the first day of the Christmas shopping season. This has been adopted by many brands around the world as an opportunity to pass on savings to their customers to kick off their Christmas shopping.


Black Friday is on the 24th November 2017 - so add it your diaries, ladies as it's not to be missed!

So here it is: Joanie's Black Friday Bonanza...

Joanie will be taking part in Black Friday and we have deals that won't disappoint, so we thought we'd treat you to a sneak peek on what's going to be on offer - you're welcome.






All of these will be on special offer on the Joanie site. Make sure you sign up to our mailing list to be among the first to first to find out about all of Joanie's Black Friday offers and discounts.

On Black Friday, keep a close eye on our social channels as you will want to keep your eyes locked on what we've got in store for you all - they'll be V.I.P. offers released for our followers! These will be one-hour only flash deals. Make sure you're following our accounts as these deals will be released at the following times!




Get your wishlist ready!





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