Films for a Rainy Day in October

Films for a Rainy Day in October

We’ve all been there. A wet weekend. There’s nothing that makes Joanie HQ want to snuggle up more than a rainy day. Grab an extra-large hot chocolate and enjoy some of our favourite rainy-day autumn films.

There’s a silver lining everywhere, Joanie Gal; rainy days bring the opportunity for us to be swept into a cinematic whirlwind, immersing ourselves in both classic movies and modern treasures. Have we missed off your favourite rainy day autumn films? Let us know on Twitter @JoanieClothing!

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

This French classic (1964) brings us style, substance and singalong greatness! Geneviève (played by the stunning Catherine Deneuve) is a young woman who works at a small-town boutique selling umbrellas and falls madly in love with a handsome mechanic named Guy (Nino Castelnuovo). Their fleeting romance is cut short when Guy is drafted to serve in the Algerian War. Well, we won’t ruin the ending but let’s just say the man Geneviève weds is the baby daddy after all.

This musical, in which all the characters' dialogue is conveyed through song, is a charming tale filled with the most beautiful costumes and setting. Prepare to be amazed - and we don’t just mean at the fact that the wallpaper changes in each scene to match the character's outfits!

We have a gorgeous Geneviève-esque collared dress new in on our site, which would look picture-perfect worn wandering through the streets of France à la Catherine Deneuve, umbrella in hand!


The Notebook

We are suspicious of any Joanie Gal that can get through this film without shedding a tear. This romantic drama is well worth the emotional rollercoaster it evokes. The charming tale of Noah (Ryan Gosling) and Allie (Rachel McAdams)’s tumultuous relationship that spans over six decades will leave you pining for true love and going through the tissue box like there’s no tomorrow!

We also have to mention how INCREDIBLE the vintage 1940s style is in the movie, our new Marguerite blouse is giving us all the Allie vibes!

the noteboo Ryan Gosling and Rachel Mcadams

Singin’ In the Rain

Give us a break, Joanie Gal! How could we create a rainy day playlist without this gem.
The film recounts Hollywood’s shift from silent movies to talkies, starring silver screen icon Gene Kelly as a successful leading actor who must come up with an idea to make his studio’s new film a hit to compete with the innovative fruitful talking pictures hitting the box office.

Singin' In The Rain Gene Kelly

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Joanie HQ’s ultimate vintage icon, Audrey Hepburn takes centre stage in what was perhaps her biggest on-screen hit, the 1961 romantic-comedy ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. Hepburn plays Holly Golightly, a naïve, eccentric socialite who spends her time at high-class parties and munching on croissants whilst window-shopping the fine diamonds of Tiffany’s. The film follows Holly’s relationship (which develops from platonic to romantic) with her neighbour, aspiring writer Paul (George Peppard), who is suffering from writer's block while being financially supported by a wealthy older woman. *That* rain scene at the end of the film is enough to elevate and romanticise anyone’s gloomy weather feels!

Breakfast at Tiffanys' Audrey Hepburn

Gone with the Wind

Gone with the wind is an epic historical romance that took home ten glittering Academy Awards at its time. It tells the story of a strong-willed woman named Scarlett O’Hara (played by Vivien Leigh), tracing her survival through the history of the Civil War and Reconstruction, and her complicated star-crossed love affairs. The costumes are overtly flamboyant and O’Hara gives Joanie HQ so much timeless makeup inspiration, which I’m sure will result in you endlessly researching tips and tricks on YouTube afterwards.

Gone With The Wind Vivien Leigh

Whatever your disposition this fall, any one of Joanie’s favourite autumn films are bound to leave you feeling both satisfied and mystified with their cinematic beauty and heart string-tugging narratives! Enjoy your film night and don’t forget the popcorn…

Written by Emily Rose Jackson

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