What to Wear While Breastfeeding - Autumn Edition

What to Wear While Breastfeeding - Autumn Edition

We regularly get asked what clothes are suitable for you breast feeders, so here it is! We've teamed up with Ruth, a new mum and garment technologist to bring you this guide to our Autumn collection, and what is suitable for you new mummies!

Meet Ruth

Hey Joanie Gals, I’m Ruth, a new mum to Ada (my 5 ½ month old tiny human), a lingerie & swim fanatic and a garment technologist who loves all things curvy girl related. I have worked in the lingerie/swim/plus size garment industry for 10 years and I am passionate about creating garments that fit and flatter bigger boobs and curves. I’m all about being confident with yourself and dressing to complement and enhance your body shape! I’m a size 16/18 on the top half, because of my 32K boobs and a size 14 (...16/18 post baby mum tum – let’s be honest!) on the bottom half. Oh … and I like hot yoga, weight lifting, travel and nights out with the girls!

This chat is simply about how to breast feed using NORMAL CLOTHES. Yep I said it – no clothes with holes. No clothes with contraptions and no clothes that are un-necessarily stripy. I'm a lady who wants to keep their style going, even with a child. What’s with all the horizontal stripes on pre and post baby clothes? We don’t need to look any bigger right now!

Aye aye - one up one down!

Let’s ease into it, grab yourself a fab t-shirt or sweatshirt and bang a vest underneath. Pull your fabulous t-shirt up and the vest top down to feed. Check these beauts and GO GO GIRLS. Go feed with confidence!

[caption id="attachment_97222" align="aligncenter" width="840"]Slogan Tees and Sweatshirts Slogan Tees and Sweatshirts[/caption]

Pop ya Collar

Staying in shallow water with this idea – wear a shirt style button down piece. Easy peasy to breastfeed in, just unbutton as appropriate and latch the little ‘un. Joanie have both shirts and dresses for you to try. These styles also help you keep your own personal style.

Shirt styles will only really work if you’re wearing a nursing bra because of the sleeves, so keep this in mind. Bigger boob ladies a shirt style probably isn’t for you as they can make you look bigger than you are, but don’t completely rule it out, as these styles are fab and there’s a suitable style here for everyone! 

[caption id="attachment_97221" align="aligncenter" width="840"]Buttoned down Shirts and Dresses Buttoned down Shirts and Dresses[/caption]

V for Victory!

V neck styles are great for feeding: the lower the neckline, the better! A wrap or cross over feature is also great for access to the good stuff. Just unclip/remove your strap and re-position the neckline so your boob is out and ready. This is where a larger style muslin cloth can come in handy because you’ll be a bit more exposed than the previous styles we’ve mentioned.

It’s trial and error with a V neck style, but if you’re out and about with your little one at a wedding or event don’t worry, Joanie have you covered with these gorgeous floaty chiffon styles.

[caption id="attachment_97220" align="aligncenter" width="840"]V-Neck Dresses V Neck Dresses[/caption]

The Full Monty

So we’ve worked our way through the styles in order of exposure and this is the biggy – full boob out. I said it, your whole boob will be out when you’re wearing the styles listed below. Pull down your strap/side of your dress and get going. It’s no big deal, wear these styles with a cardigan or shrug so that your shoulders are covered and use a larger style muslin cloth for modesty. Nobody will be any the wiser. And you know what – so what if they are!

[caption id="attachment_97219" align="aligncenter" width="840"] Chiffon Dresses[/caption]

Go feed with confidence ladies – you’re doing an amazing job.

Side Notes -

Just so you know how I function day to day here’s a list of things I use:

  • Normal underwire bra – full cup style so the wires are nice and wide encompassing all of my boobs. It’s super important to make sure your bra fits you well if you’re feeding and wearing normal underwire bras. Get a fitting from a top notch store like Bravissimo.
  • Large muslin cloth – to cover me up if the whole side of a dress or top needs to come down.
  • Normal small muslin cloth – to cover up if needed when using the old one up one down tactic and most definitely for milky dribble.
  • Vest top – I use normal ones and maternity ones with clips.

If you are lucky enough to have feeding bras in your size you will find the whole feeding lark much easier and more discreet. If you can’t get on with feeding bras for whatever reason then don’t worry – it can be done. I do it everyday!

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