Stripe Up Your Life... If That's Possible?

Stripe Up Your Life... If That's Possible?

This week on the blog, we're looking at a true wardrobe icon of ours: stripes. We owe them a lot! Come rain or shine, casual or fancy... they're more reliable than our BFF. They take the drama out of dressing and we appreciate that. Earn your stripes? They've earned them!

We have always been big supporters of stripes, mainly because they're an easy style trend to follow: minimum effort - maximum results! We're carrying our love of stripes into the new season. How could we leave them behind? We've been through a lot together. We're also looking forward to bringing back one of our most loved slogan tees of the summer... So here's a sneak peak of those *holds breath* STRIPES!

The Casual, Classic Striped Dress

This item needs no introduction, we're very familiar with the striped dress. A perfect option for a working day, a casual day out. Effortlessly stylish! This week, we have two styles that have landed on our website. The major decision being: which stripe (?!).

Stipes: Meet the dresses we're loving this season

Stripe Dresses

Stripes Meets Slogan

Slogan tees have dominated our wardrobes this summer for many reasons: the main being they're the perfect casual Friday outfit! Brett has been the summer romance we've been waiting for, back in stock due to popularity and admiration. We've also got more striped classics hitting the website soon, meet the (soon-to-be) new arrivals...

Stripes: Meet Brett

Brett Top

Stipes: Meet Joe

Joe Top


Stripes: Meet Layla

Layla Top


There's no need to read between the lines this season Joanie Gal: stripes are in and they don't show promise of leaving us anytime soon!


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