15 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Your Sister...

15 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Your Sister...

We love to celebrate our sisters (even our closest gal pals we'd refer to as sisters!). So today, on National Sister's Day, we take a look at the reasons why we should sing her name from the top of rooftops!

  1. Everyone in her life knows about you. Why? Because she's constantly telling people you haven't met how fabulous you are. She's basically your biggest fan.
  2. Lost items of clothes? Don't worry, your sister will be keeping them safe (most likely by keeping them in her own wardrobe)
  3. Don't worry about her coming over to your house. There's absolutely no pressure to entertain her, she's cool with doing nothing and binge watching Netflix with you.
  4. You talk endlessly. Check your phone call history. She dominates it!
  5. Also, check your text messages. She has no issue texting you whilst you're in the same house.

  6. Want to dance? Randomly break out into song? She'll always be ready for that!
  7. The fights you have are intense. But they only last 5 seconds.
  8. And most of your fights were over the TV remote, and that's over now. Right?
  9. Her attendance at family gatherings is mandatory. And so is yours! You're in this together, remember.
  10. She's always the first person to like your Instagram pictures. Which we always respect! Did we already mention she's your biggest fan?

  11. Your jokes are pretty much the same. You'll see a goat in a field and burst out laughing, remembering that time when she...
  12. No effort needs to be made for FaceTime. Honestly, she's seen you in worse states. Actually, the FaceTime will probably be funnier the more horrendous you look. Do it for the laughs.
  13. People argue whether you look alike or not. Who cares! It's not all about looks...
  14. There's no need to speak in full sentences around her. 'You know that man from Tesco with the...'
  15. Biologically, she has your back. If you need an organ, she's probably the most likely candidate. Keep her close.

'For there is no friend like a sister. In calm or stormy weather; To cheer one on the tedious way, To fetch one if one goes astray, To lift one if one totters down, To strengthen whilst one stands.'

― Christina Rossetti, Goblin Market and Other Poems

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