La La Loving; The Iconic Yellow Dress

Earlier this year, the Old Hollywood magic of La La Land had our toes tapping and faces beaming! Many of us left the theatres humming along to our favourite tunes and endlessly discussed Ryan Gosling’s… dancing.

But after the dust settled, we couldn’t help obsessing over the real star of the show: Emma Stones’ charming yellow dress. Who doesn't want the La La Land style?

The dress was inspired by one of Emma Stone’s most iconic red carpet looks! Which isn’t a surprise when noticing her infectious bubbly personality. Could we love her more than we did in the shower scene in Easy A? We think so!

Don’t fret Joanie gals, you don’t have to be a struggling actress in LA to achieve this canary yellow dress heaven… take a look below at the sun dresses that stole our heart this spring.

La La Land Style Vintage Inspired Yellow Dress

Kezzy Dress and Vida Dress


Want the La La Land Style?

Joyous moments deserve joyous outfits! Introducing the newest cast members of our splendid sun dresses… From loud and proud sunflowers to lemon loving shades of yellow; we can’t wait to embrace the sunshine this month with them! Look out for these stars gracing the stage on Joanie’s website soon…

La La Land Style Yellow Dress



Joanie x

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