Happy Best Friends Day Gals

Happy Best Friends Day Gals

Happy Best Friends Day Gals! Our friendships with the female sex are arguably the most important and precious of our lives.  Partners will come and go and goodness knows you can’t choose your family. So if you’re lucky enough to find that one person or group of individuals to share the ups and downs of modern life with, then count yourself lucky. From film to tv we are shown how the female bond is the gift that keeps on giving.Whether that is the ever so glamorous ladies of Golden Girls, depicting how four mature women living together in Miami experience the joys and angst of their golden years.

Or Girls, where four friends in the early twenties try to make sense of it all. Through fights, make ups, break ups and break downs.Whether golden or not, the close ties of female companionship defies age.Some friendships are formed in early adulthood, others later in life, but some are born from the earliest of ages and stand the test of time.

Beaches, is the ultimate testament to the longevity of female friendship (if you have not seen this film, watch immediately, preferably with your best friend) The tale of a unlikely friendship formed in youth between a rich debutante, and a brash child star (Bette Midler) As their lives take very different paths and they have to navigate, careers, relationships and even terminal illness, they learn that no matter how ugly and complicated life can get, the simple joy of their friendship is the most important thing.Beaches truly is the ultimate girl power movie, a chic flick in the best sense. It shows us how the greatest relationships endure through the ability to laugh at the same things and raise each other up.

Humour is the key to any long lasting friendship. Comedy Queens Amy Poehler and Tina Fey can vouch for this. As well as their comedic stylings gaining them cult status, they also preach the importance of celebrating each other’s achievements and being one another’s biggest fan.(Photo by Art Streiber for NBC)

This true love for our female counterpart is nowhere more evident than in the hit series Broad City.  Two best friends,  Llana and Abbi show that female friendship can be just as passionate and gratifying as any romantic endeavour – maybe more so.Through deadbeat jobs to new sexual encounters, they celebrate each victory, no matter how small and commiserate each loss.  With their friendship remaining centre stage to these sideline interactions. Abbi and Llana have flaws a many, but never let these serve as insecurities. They don’t have it all together but so what, they have each other. They each have an unwavering support and love for the other and are genuinely never happier than simply in each other’s company.So to celebrate ‘Best Friends Day’ on the 8th June, make the effort to spend time with that special someone/someones, whether it’s tequila and pizza, brunch, picnic in the park or for those further afield, a long overdue chinwag over the phone. We sometimes need to remind ourselves and others of the importance and value we hold of our female ties. For as the ladies of Sex & the City tell us, men come and go, but we are the loves of each other’s lives.

 ‘We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it Love.’ -Dr Seuss



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