What to wear while breastfeeding

What to wear while breastfeeding

What to wear while breastfeeding

 We asked Sophie Mascoll a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter for the NHS and an ABM (Associate of Breastfeeding Mothers) to offer up her guidance on which Joanie dresses and tops styles are perfect to wear while breastfeeding. For any of you gals looking for tips on what to wear while breastfeeding, read on...

Sophie Mascoll is a part time Breastfeeding Peer Supporter for the NHS and an ABM (Associate of Breastfeeding Mothers) Mother Supporter. She lives in Manchester with her partner Adam and their two year old daughter Luna. Here’s Sophie’s advice on what to wear while breastfeeding:

Before I became pregnant I heard a lot of women say they struggled to dress themselves once they had their children - due to lack of time, exhaustion and limited choices available on the high street. As someone who always enjoyed fashion I was determined not to let this go and keep my sense of style alive. My number one rule has always been that I only wear outfits I would pick regardless of whether I was breastfeeding or not… I need to feel confident, happy and like ‘me’.

What to wear while breastfeeding

Breastfeeding doesn't mean fashion has to become frumpy. Your favourite t shirt can still be utilised by wearing a stretchy camisole or lycra vest underneath - (this is the pull up/pull down method - the t shirt is pulled up while the vest pulled down so it limits the skin exposure, especially around the tummy area!). It doesn't have to be all shapeless tops and black leggings. Wrap style jumpsuits, button down dresses, dungarees with a snazzy top underneath … are all great options. Here are some of my favourite Joanie pieces that are perfect for the breastfeeding mum:


What to wear while breastfeeding

Above: Frankie French Nautical Tee, Margot Bunch Club Tee, Benny Baguette Tee

The Slogan T-Shirt

Wear under your favourite dungarees, with a skirt or your favourite jeans and heels- throw a stretchy vest underneath and voila!

What to wear while breastfeeding

Above:Louisa Bird Print Blouse, Carey Cat Print Blouse, Rosie Floral Shirt

The button down novelty print blouse

Any sweet button down blouse like the Cat print Carey blouse, Louisa or Rosie would look wonderful tucked into high waisted jeans or a pencil skirt. Button down access is perfect for the breastfeeding mum. It could even be worn as a jacket - open over a camisole (pull the camisole over the shoulder to nurse while the blouse preserves your modesty).

What to wear while breastfeeding

Above: Laura Frill Wrap Front Dress, Elspeth Floral Cross Front tea Dress, Elspeth Polka Dot Cross Front Tea Dress

The wrap dress

My absolute favourite dress style in the Joanie collection - so comfortable to wear, flattering and opens easily to provide access for feeding. You can add a cami under the Elspeth or Laura wrap dress for modesty. I love how versatile the wrap dress is - wear with sandals and a cardi during the day or jazz up with heels and bright lipstick at night.

What to wear while breastfeeding

Above: Mona Stripe Skirt, Milly Floral Skirt, Iris Rose Gold Sequin Skirt

The statement skirt

It doesn’t have to be wedding season to pull a statement skirt out of the wardrobe, I absolutely love a statement skirt tucked in with a casual t shirt or vest. The flattering shape makes a statement skirt the perfect go-to item for Spring days. Wether it's rose gold sequins, stripes or a bold floral print a statement skirt in a midi length is a pretty and practical way to dress up a simple cami top.

Remember that breastfeeding style doesn’t have to mean food stained leggings and whatever shirt you have crumpled up at the bottom of your wardrobe - you can still wear almost all of the things you used to, you might just need to get a little creative!

Sophie x


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