Christmas Film Night

Here are our top 5 festive film favourites to cosy up with for the perfect Christmas film night. From family classics to heart warming comedies, grab yourself a hot chocolate, crack open the mince pies and snuggle up on the sofa with these yuletide movies.

Christmas Film Night

It’s a Wonderful Life

Packed full of nostalgia, romance and emotion, this bittersweet timeless classic will warm your heart and inspire you with it’s beautiful message. Set around the life story of aspiring adventurist George Bailey, It’s a wonderful life tells the tale of how each and every one of us is significant, and that we should all treasure our lives and appreciate our place in the world. Now if that’s not the ultimate Christmas message I don’t know what is! After wishing he had never been born, George Bailey is shown just how much his life has impacted so many people, and ending in the famous Auld Lang Syne sing-a-long scene, even the biggest scrooge will shed a tear at this heart warming tale. For all you vintage fans, this really is a treat for the eyes, pin curls, post war evening gowns (Violet and Mary are ultimate style goals) and that atmosphere you only get with a black and white movie, it has something for everyone!


Christmas Film Night


It’s not officially Christmas until Will Ferrell graces our screens as Buddy the Elf and fills us all up with festive cheer (without having to sing loud for all to hear!). Buddy, an orphan raised by elves, begins his search for his biological father in New York City and the story that follows can only be described as comedy gold. A modern classic, elf is the perfect Christmas movie, but be prepared to laugh until you cry throughout the entire film! The one and only Zooey Deschanel (pre 500 days of summer) plays Buddy’s love interest and shows off her unique singing voice throughout the film. It’s hard to explain just how good this movie is, so if you haven’t seen it, put it to the top of your list and you’ll soon be filled with festive cheer and have the biggest smile on your face!


Christmas Film Night

The Muppets Christmas Carol

 Relive your childhood with this ultimate classic. Kermit, Miss Piggy (ultimate style inspiration) and the gang take their spin on the timeless Charles Dickens tale. Alongside Michael Cain as the famous Scrooge, the Muppets take us all on a heartfelt adventure. Music, laughter, emotion- it’s the perfect festive family classic! And don’t underestimate the muppets, this film isn’t just for kids, it’s equally amazing (if not better) for the adults to enjoy too and you’ll soon have all the musical numbers stuck in your head (Marley and Marley anyone?).


Christmas Film Night

Home Alone

Merry Christmas ya filthy animal! This 100% has to be THE best Christmas movie ever made. If you haven’t seen it yet, where have you been? Macaulay Culkin as Kevin takes us on the ultimate Christmas nostalgia trip as he finds himself left home alone over the holidays and has to protect his home from intruders. The mastermind behind Breakfast Club, John Hughes directs this near perfect movie and fills us all up with festive 90’s nostalgia. The sequel, set in New York, is equally as entertaining so why not have a little back to back home alone movie night this Christmas!


The Holiday: With a killer cast and script to match, The Holiday will have all you hopeless romantics swooning! Two ladies (Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz!) who live on the opposite sides of the world, decide to swap homes for the holidays and the events that follow are sheer rom com perfection (We are all Amanda drinking red wine and singing along to Mr Brightside at some point!). Jude Law and Jack black also star in this enchanting and sweet Christmas tale, so it’s definitely one to cosy up!

Merry (early) Christmas gals!

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