Joanie's French Fancies Playlist

When summer’s reaching a close and you start getting nostalgic about those long sunny days. Here’s Joanie’s French fancies playlist...Joanie’s French fancies playlist is a collection of music reminiscent of pedaling around the back streets of Paris, drinking black coffee outside Parisian cafes before hitting the flea market, romantic evenings sipping champagne on the moonlit Riviera and endless daydreaming.

If summer is a time for care-free day-dreaming, then early autumn is the time to make those romantic daydreams a reality, keeping productive and yet fulfilled throughout the autumn means a little of what you fancy.

Joanie’s French fancies playlist is a recipe of vintage classics and modern day pop, a sprinkle of 1960’s bombshell Brigitte Bardot, the effortlessly cool Jane Birkin and Francoise Hardy mixed with the iconic Josephine Baker, topped off with a little Flight of the Conchords for good measure.

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