Head & Shoulders Above the Rest: Scarfs

It’s time to welcome *that* accessory into your style wardrobe. You have the power to transform any simple outfit into a fashionista’s dream: and we’re giving them away when you spend £60 (*while stocks last*) online.

“When I wear a silk scarf I never feel so definitely like a woman, a beautiful woman” – Audrey Hepburn.

The scarf. A Parisian dream. Audrey Hepburn herself, gives it a strong seal of approval. So let’s face it, we’re all over it! It’s not just our ultimate style icon that’s behind this trend, big name designers and models are also endorsing the trend this season. Vouge is actually calling them ‘the hottest thing right now’ and Joanie definitely has a lot of time for them. The main reason why they’ve captured our hearts is because of their versatility: there’s endless ways to wear them.

Head Scarf - look 1
Head Scarf – look 1

Head Scarf:

We’ve all had those mornings when there’s little time to run a brush through your hair, let alone get creative. Let the headscarf take a little bit of the pressure off. Banish bad hair days forever by securing a beautiful printed scarf over the top of your head with a simple knot. But really, we’re all familiar with those traditional headscarf styles, we’ve been rocking them since junior school! So we change you Joanie Gal to be as creative as possible.

Head Scarf - look 2
Head Scarf – look 2


French knot, double sided twist, knotted necklace – the styles are endless! Find the look that suits your outfit, or yourself and go for it Joanie Gal!

Head Scarf - look 3
Head Scarf – look 3


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